lundi 20 février 2012

Shearling Coat

Shearling coat

Today i prepared my  my travel   in Germany , Frankfürt,  where i go  tomorrow!  unfortunately i wouldn't be there and so i won't post  article, but promise i 'll make a lot , lot of pictures !  i went in frankfürt to see my family because i'm come 'in from there   but also because i love this country, in the future i want to leave in Berlin, the next Hype City of Europe! Anyway, today i went buy a gift for my family and to take a little the wonderful sun in Paris. Then i went listening  a lecture hall  at Goethe institut, the german culture house of Paris . So  i am speaking german and breath german even in paris before to leave! German is my second language, i'm bilingual and it's a pleasure for me to speak it , more original than English! :) and coulb be beautiful when you speak good, not with the big french accent! :) 
So during this day, i also buy thing for me, i couldn't resist! :)  i'll show very soon, i'm back saturday!  Have a great week ! 
So here is one of my favourite coat, the it of the season who really was hard to find! sold out everywhere in Zara 's Paris but  by a miracle  during the sales, i saw this fur  underneath  clothes 's mountains! :) i direct take it , and only for 39 euro! 

The new hat that i bought, will show u a better pictures sooner.

I wore: Zara coat, Acne Jeans( Berlin), H&M Chelsea boots, H&M Sweater, Michael Kors Bag, H&m Hat ( the two)

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  1. Love the hat!
    Visit my blog and tell me what you think of my latest post...we could follow each other!

    1. thank u ylenia ! i visited your blog and find it cool ! love your jewls choices! keep up like that and sure i'll be follow u ! :) do it back if u want it! :) Good luck!