lundi 16 avril 2012

New York I love u Day 5

This day i really see why New York is so popular. I saw the really atmosphere and personnality of this town and why i love it.  I fi would live in New York it would be at Williamsburg, the alternative quarter of New York. So artistic, destroy and vintage! It reminds me of Berlin.


The MOMA, where i saw the Cindy Sherman's exposition. 

Chuck Bass is in there! :)

Really cool shop at Soho called Aritzia, love the design of the shop more than the close

Where we eat a Soho's restaurant

dimanche 15 avril 2012

New York I love u day 4

Sorry for the late!  don't have very much time these day with my big exam who are very soon and all my theater class. But i 've took a lot of pictures who will be soon on the blog. The frozen time of the blog is over! because now i'm in vacations for two weeks.So i will post a lot of article and show you all my recent add who are all PASTEL colour! 

 At the Upper east Side where i lived.

 Big surprise: i didn't know that the plazza athénée was in New York too, but the parisian is the best and much more Luxus.

the Apple Store , very little glass cube

Aaah my dream is coming true!  but i was really disapointed for the clothes. Very expensive and not so fantastic i prefer the jewls and the shoes who were very nice

 At Soho

Soho at Night