dimanche 26 février 2012

Restaurant " Eiser"/ Bicolor dress

For the last night we went to the restaurant where we eat like  for two , you know the germains! always  too much food!!  and we drunk a lot of wine... :)  i wore the new dress that i bought   in wiesbaden, a bicolore dress bordeaux and black. Unfortunately we don't see much it at the photos , i have had a problem with it! but fix it very soon! 

 I wore: Zara bicolor dress, Zara earings

The door of the restaurant  with the light at the night

 There was a terrasse that we could see from inside with  a wonderful tree  enlightened

All white Look

Day 3 :  Schloss Vollrads

This day we went make a promenade in an another castle  called " schloss vollrads" it's very old and   this castle is the oldest wine's productor of europe!!    this day  i  try  the tendance all white.

I wore: ZARA pants, ZARA fur, Vintage pull, H&M hat  bag and boots, ZARA earings and bracelet clutch, Snake bracelet H&M

samedi 25 février 2012

Day 2 :  A journey in Wiesbaden/ Hattenheim

The Second day we went  to the nearest  town  , who was Wiesbaden,  a very rich town with lot of old house and shop , it was a very rich town where the people go to  bath. So we first  make a little promenade, then we go eat at a very luwus Hotel and Spa called " Die Schwarzer Bock" it was very delicious! this hotel is opened since  1454  and so with a very old style, then we go at the spa of the hotel to relax us,  a pool was there, we have had massage  and mask... So relax!  Then we went to  a little café very famous called "Maldaner"  with the old    vienna style where we eat  an " apfelstrüdel" with a  vienna chocolate. Then we go back  at our village but  went very quick  at  a village in the near  , very old style called Hattenheim.

I wore: ZARA Pants, Stradivarius coat, Michael Kors Bag, Zara pull, H&M hat &  earings and acessoires

 The Residenhce's Quater 

The Church

Beautiful wall ornement

A castle build by the Romain in 363!!

  The hotel and restaurant and spa "Schwarzer Bock"

Was so delicious! eat a maïs puree with vegetables and   sausse

Then we went to the Spa!!

 The source of the city , that's while the city was  a bath  stations.  the water is warm  thats why white smoke   exited.

 A Wine cave

The " Maldaner" café ( 150 year it exist)