mercredi 28 mars 2012

New York I love u Day 3

This day i really discover the fashion spirit of New York   at the streets of Soho  full of little shops and big brand like topshop, urban outfiters where i bought my pastel pants!  At the night came out   a lot of people all with more style than the others. was so a inspiration for me, all the new yorker girl wear long skirt so i bought one.

At Urban Outfiters

So sweet!! at Central Park

Ground Zzero

At Urban Outfiters

vendredi 23 mars 2012

New York I love u Day 2

Today was really the first  day we saw New York! So incredible , so big , and so unpersonnal . For me this city is exciting but i wouldn't live there  it's so fast and i don't know but i'm feeling  foreigner, like outside ,  i didn't realize that i was in New York. I think this city is good to see and visit  but not for leaving, i prefer much more Berlin! My dream City... Anyway this day  was the cultural day : Empire state, Bryant park, , Gare central,Guggenheim and Central Park. The thing to see for a tourist . Shopping session tomorrow! :) 

The place where i eat ,so delicious ! it has a french to be more chic. the food  is fresh and made the same day to eat   this is my favourite place to eat good and fast in New York

 Inside the Bryant Park's  Library

Inside the Gare Central


They were so sweet! Central Park is full of them!

jeudi 22 mars 2012

New collaboration, a new blog

Last week we've got hte idea my friend and i to open a blog together. Don't woory i will still hold this blog too and regulary post link to this new blog called Les Soeurs Selfridges  but it will be in French! Anyway i decided to make this collaboration because we understand us so well and share this passion for fashion and theater! Lea is with me in my class  of Cours Florent. I love her style! This blog will  be about fashion: what we wear, what shops we like and what the parisian wear. But it's still a  in constructions! Rendez Vous in 2 weeks to see it!  In exclusivity a capture of the first pictures of  Les Soeurs Selfridges 's Blog

New York i love u Day 1

Hey, sorry for the late readers but i  was very busy this few days  with my coming back from New York and the School and theater and an another project that i prepare and will tell you soon... Anyway here are finally the pictures from NY!! well just three for the moment because i will post them by day .  The first day  that we came  was very exausting  we spend  like 2 hours in the subway and with the jet lag... SO TIRED!   we went direct by our familly where we would live for the week. It was like a dream   been in the Upper East Side at 35 floor  in the near of Madisson Avenue with a 360° view ! AMAZING! 

 The View from my room , vertigo's feeling...

vendredi 16 mars 2012

Pastel pants

This is one of my find in New York at Urban Outfiters. this is my new basic , very colorful for the parisian but i love it!

I wore: Urban Outfiters pants, Vintage sleepers, ZARA blouse, Tara Jarmon Jacket, American Apparel sunglasses

jeudi 15 mars 2012

Coming back from New York: new stuffs on the closet

The Clutch's slippers

I finally come back from my trip in New York.  Amazing city, people and atmosphere, crazy souvenirs !  I want to  make an another trip very soon because  there is still a lot to see  there!  During  my trip i have bought a lot of new clothes!! i 've made my new spring/ summer closet!  here is one of my find that i found in a vintage store ! Sleepers! one of the basic of the season.   The other pictures who are much beautiful will come soon ! 

samedi 3 mars 2012

Preparation's day/ loafers high shoes

Today i prepare my next travel who is in 2 days. I  will dicovere the big appel for the first time!!  so excited!!     yeah i live again paris! but like for germany ,promisse, i will take a lot of pictures for you .   Today  i wear one of my favourite pumps who are high loafers bordeaux, the it pieces of the previous season. My closet is full of  the outfits of previous season but i will make it full of the next season in NY!    i've made reperage  at the site of topshop of course, but also urban outfiters, primark , forever21 and will check at century 21 a luxe vintage stores really cool i heard you can find chanel stuff or other for  20 dollars!   my objective is to buy pastel thing of course! the  incontournable tendance of the summer! 

I Wore: New Look shoes, H&M velvet pants, ZARA coat, H&M bag, H&M fur collar, ZARA earings, H&M sweat, ZARA bracelet

vendredi 2 mars 2012

Dress for this Summer

So this is the dress that i  see at zara but my friend camila buy it!   But i will profite it because this summer i  will travel with her in Corsica! I can't wait! will be huge!! But it's in  5 months so   i will sure have the time to discut about it before to go with u guys! Anyway i want to thank you too to visit my blog!  i hope  you will be more and more... Thanks!!

 I wore: ZARA dress, JONAK shoes

Tweed perfecto + Mustard Pants

the tweed perfecto+ mustard jeans

Yesterday was a very har day, i have had theater repetitions for 10h 30 to 16h! a little tired... But then i went make me relaxed with a shopping session!  show u the dress i found very soon at ZARA of course! And i wear the necklace that i bought too today at H&M.

 I wore: ZARA pants, ZARA perfecto

 Alisson bag

Necklace: H&M

Loafers: New Look