samedi 3 mars 2012

Preparation's day/ loafers high shoes

Today i prepare my next travel who is in 2 days. I  will dicovere the big appel for the first time!!  so excited!!     yeah i live again paris! but like for germany ,promisse, i will take a lot of pictures for you .   Today  i wear one of my favourite pumps who are high loafers bordeaux, the it pieces of the previous season. My closet is full of  the outfits of previous season but i will make it full of the next season in NY!    i've made reperage  at the site of topshop of course, but also urban outfiters, primark , forever21 and will check at century 21 a luxe vintage stores really cool i heard you can find chanel stuff or other for  20 dollars!   my objective is to buy pastel thing of course! the  incontournable tendance of the summer! 

I Wore: New Look shoes, H&M velvet pants, ZARA coat, H&M bag, H&M fur collar, ZARA earings, H&M sweat, ZARA bracelet

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