vendredi 23 mars 2012

New York I love u Day 2

Today was really the first  day we saw New York! So incredible , so big , and so unpersonnal . For me this city is exciting but i wouldn't live there  it's so fast and i don't know but i'm feeling  foreigner, like outside ,  i didn't realize that i was in New York. I think this city is good to see and visit  but not for leaving, i prefer much more Berlin! My dream City... Anyway this day  was the cultural day : Empire state, Bryant park, , Gare central,Guggenheim and Central Park. The thing to see for a tourist . Shopping session tomorrow! :) 

The place where i eat ,so delicious ! it has a french to be more chic. the food  is fresh and made the same day to eat   this is my favourite place to eat good and fast in New York

 Inside the Bryant Park's  Library

Inside the Gare Central


They were so sweet! Central Park is full of them!

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