vendredi 10 février 2012

I’m a 18 years old girl who lived in Paris but coming from Germany and i hope and i’ll certainely go back soon to live in Berlin , the next hype city of Europe !
But speak about now,i’m  in college  and i follow a theater formation in a famous school called “Le cours Florent” because theater is my passion!
But my other passions is of course fashion!  it’s not just   to go shopping  but it’s the pleasure  to see what match up or not , the mix, and to try it at the street, school and everywhere welse!  why did i decide to open a blog? well, like i say because am  an “accro” of fashion but also  to show original people who get dressed not like the other.
Whats for me  ”le fashion faux pas”   is to get dressed like the other just  because we scared of what the people will think and we want to be like everyonelse  .  Are we all the same?  No and  we have to be personnal . I’ll take for example Paris: “la ville de la mode” like all say  but in paris i never see so much people who look the same! all the girl of my age are with ugg , Zadig et Voltaire clothes, Canada Goes for winter and even Summer!!!   At my school  the people remark me because  i’m not dressed like the others ! ( maybe because i’m tall too :) 
So you’ll not see a girl like that here! Enjoy!

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