dimanche 26 février 2012

Restaurant " Eiser"/ Bicolor dress

For the last night we went to the restaurant where we eat like  for two , you know the germains! always  too much food!!  and we drunk a lot of wine... :)  i wore the new dress that i bought   in wiesbaden, a bicolore dress bordeaux and black. Unfortunately we don't see much it at the photos , i have had a problem with it! but fix it very soon! 

 I wore: Zara bicolor dress, Zara earings

The door of the restaurant  with the light at the night

 There was a terrasse that we could see from inside with  a wonderful tree  enlightened

5 commentaires:

  1. I love your hair ! :D

    If it tells you :

  2. Love the hair-do!

  3. I really like your hair style! So romantic and pretty!

  4. Thank you! and it's so simple to make! you put an handband on your hair and then you take the end of the hair and put it all on the headband! try it! :)