samedi 25 février 2012

Day 1 : Promenade by the Rhin / Café and promenade  at the catsle
The first day  was so sunny,( maybe because of our visit :) ) that we decided  to  go the morning make a tour of the village and see the beautiful river the  Rhin ! Then  , the afternoon we go  see the Castle called "Schloos Johanisberg" . So beautiful , lot of tourist come there  to try the wine, because  it's famous for hiw wine and to visit it and  take a coffee and cake: that's what we made!

I wore: Stardivarius coat, H&M  Velvet Bordeaux Pants, Vintage  red pull ; H&M  bag, H&M Boots, Mango sunglasses, H&M rings and  collar.

This is the village where we lived

 The Rhin

 So beautiful  House  from architect! i want the same! 

Schloss Johanisberg 

 View of our village


The café where we go with the so beautiful view!! 

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